Connor Hillen


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I did my undergrad at Carleton University between 2012 and 2016 in Computer Science, Honours Robotics. My undergraduate thesis had me developing emergent narrative systems by enhancing NPC dialogue.

I'm currently working on my masters in computer science, specifically focusing on computational creativity and data driven creativity assistants for game content creation. I intend to graduate by the end of 2018.


I currently teach a summer course at Carleton University, COMP4900: Intensive Game Development Project. In this course, I teach game design, rapid prototyping, and give a hands approach to learning how to use agile and scrum methods in game development.

Before instructing, I was a TA for many courses. In every course, my duties were primarily lecturing, hosting workshops, coordinating labs, and of course the occasional grading.

  • COMP 1406: Introduction to Computer Science: I've TAd this course a number of times. We taught basic software engineering, introduction to software design, and object oriented programming.
  • COMP 1501: Introduction to Computer Game Design: I designed a new set of tutorials for this course and ran some evaluations on the performance of them. The new format had me lecturing a little more and getting students to learn game design concepts and put them to the test immediately in the labs.
  • COMP 2404: Introduction to Software Engineering: Here I focused on running C++ labs.
  • COMP 2801: Introduction to Mobile Autonomous Robotics: In this course, I hosted lectures to teach students about the paradigms and patterns of designing autnomous agents. The course was workshop styled, so students were lectured and then had to complete a robotics programming challenge by the end of the workshop.
  • COMP 3004: Object Oriented Software Engineering: This course drops students into a pretty intensive group project. My main focus with this was training the other TAs to use Qt, running quality and cohesion checks on TA grading, and hosting lecture-style office hours to teach students about software engineering from a different perspective.
  • COMP4107: Neural Networks: In this course, I primarily assisted students with the design and implementation of various different neural networks.