Connor Hillen

My name is Connor Hillen and I'm a second year computer science student at Carleton University. Coming into my second year, I already had experience as a research assistant in the Hotsoft Labs and I was the first year representative in the Carleton Computer Science Society. I was then elected in as events coordinator for the 2014 year alongside my new position as a teaching assistant.

Computer science, teaching, learning, and tinkering have always been my passions. I originally self taught myself some simple development, having started when I was a young child. I moved on to reading texts, watching lectures, and then teaching the material to the Computer Science Club that I founded in highschool to help those who wanted to learn but didn't have the resources available to them. Development isn't as much a career for me as it is a life style.

My hobbies have always included gaming, administration, development, and writing. Administration may seem like a strange hobby, but I tend to find myself applying my creative brain usually seen conducting a tabletop RPG to every day life, be it saving money on wasteful practices or completely questioning standards and practices and thinking hard about how they can be improved upon.

The reason I hold CS and development so dear is because I firmly believe that with a little time and support, a developer can make a serious impact on the world. My first experience with programming was playing a game and then being asked, 'Do you want to learn how to make your own?' That question has stuck with me.